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Chester's Custom Cleaning is an owner operated professional cleaning service that's based out of Plantsville, Connecticut, serving Hartford county. With over 20 years experience, Chester's Custom Cleaning has state of the art equipment and the knowledge to provide excellent results for all customers. We are your home and office cleaning specialists.

Services Provided

Chester’s Custom Cleaning is a professional cleaner with expertise in residential and commercial cleaning of: wall to wall carpets, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, sealing of grout and stone, cleaning of garage and basement floors, as well as power washing of walkways, decks, and driveways.

With years of experience and trust and care you can put your mind at ease, and put all your worries to rest!

Professional Equipment

Allergies to mold and dust plus other environmental toxins is just one of the reasons a deep cleaning "steam" extraction is needed along with your family being safer and healthier.

Chester's Custom Cleaning uses truck mounted equipment with diesel heated water (similar to your hot water heater) that will provide the hottest water possible to clean your carpet and to enhance quicker drying times. The hotter the water the better cleaning and sanitizing of your carpet and upholstery, along with an extreme vacuum system is essential in helping lift contaminants and leaving your carpet and upholstery residue free and soft to the touch.

Why a Professional?
Steam Cleaning Machine

Keeping your family safe & healthy

Paul Chester, Owner
Paul Chester

Why work with a Professional?

Carpets and fabrics become soiled through everyday environmental causes, such as dust, smoke, moisture, and anything brought in from the outdoors. These soils and contaminants become embedded in the carpet and are extremely difficult to remove with standard cleaning. To remove these contaminants the hottest temperatures are needed, along with safe cleaning products, and vacuum to lift dirt away.

Understanding the proper cleaning methods takes years of training and Chester's Custom Cleaning has the knowledge and expertise to get optimum results.

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