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Did you know, carpets act like filters in your home? Dust and allergens settle in your carpet and get trapped in the fibers and when walked on, they get pushed down into the backing. That is why through years of experience and education, I have found that “steam cleaning” with strong vacuuming is the best way to kill and extract these microbes. Also, most carpets are very durable and most common spots, if treated properly, can be removed.

Carpet Cleaning in Cape Cod, MA

Experience You Can Trust

As an experienced carpet cleaner, Chester’s Custom Cleaning (CCC) can give you the best cleaning possible. CCC relies on years of experience, along with extensive training on various fibers, to provide you with optimum results.

Unmatched Equipment

Our equipment surpasses all other companies in MA, as it produces the hottest water possible to clean your carpets. You can compare carpet cleaning with washing your clothes… “the hotter the water the cleaner the results”. Also, hotter water better sanitizes your carpets and results in quicker drying.

Most other companies don’t have the temperatures that we have, and many rely on excessive chemistry to get your carpets clean. This leaves a lot of residue in your carpets, which in turn will “attract” dirt, and oils. After CCC cleans your carpet it will feel soft to the touch, and all odors will be eliminated!

Eliminate Odors

Pet odors are a common problem amongst home owners and pet lovers. For strong excessive pet odors, we have odor eliminating enzymes that we apply that will dissolve the oils and odors, which then is rinsed and extracted.

For pet urine, we use a black light to locate the areas, treat it with a spotter designed to break it down and then use a device called a “water claw” to vacuum all the urine out. After treating for pet odors, we will finish cleaning your carpet with our “steam cleaning” process. We have had exemplary results, and you can feel confident you will get the results you are looking for!

Paul Chester, Owner
Paul Chester

Why work with a Professional?

Carpets and fabrics become soiled through everyday environmental causes, such as dust, smoke, moisture, and anything brought in from the outdoors. These soils and contaminants become embedded in the carpet and are extremely difficult to remove with standard cleaning. To remove these contaminants the hottest temperatures are needed, along with safe cleaning products, and vacuum to lift dirt away.

Understanding the proper cleaning methods takes years of training and Chester's Custom Cleaning has the knowledge and expertise to get optimum results.

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