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Garage Floor Cleaning

Garage floor prepping and cleaning is popular and needed in New England homes for the reason of road salts and sand. Most homeowners like the protection of having their garage floor sealed, as well as a finished look and feel. Most garage floors get “trashed” from the elements being brought in with their vehicles, as well as oil, transmission, and coolant drips.

Garage Floor Cleaning in Cape Cod, MA

Our Proven Process

Chester’s Custom Cleaning has the “know how” and the tools to properly clean your garage floor. We first apply an alkaline cleaner that breaks down the inorganic oils embedded in the concrete, and then us a tool that spins and power washes with very hot water which vacuums up the residue at the same time.

This process will eliminate most of the grime and spots on the cement floor, however, oils tend to stain the floor also. That is why many people like to paint their floor with an epoxy paint or some type of epoxy sealer, because it looks spectacular and makes wipe ups easier. In order to paint or seal the floor, it needs to be acid washed for the sealers or paint to “adhere” to the floor.

So, prior to painting, the next process is to spray down an acid based product, designed to etch concrete/cement, and then power wash and rinse it out. After about 24 hours of drying, a sealer or epoxy paint can be applied.

Paul Chester, Owner
Paul Chester

Why work with a Professional?

Carpets and fabrics become soiled through everyday environmental causes, such as dust, smoke, moisture, and anything brought in from the outdoors. These soils and contaminants become embedded in the carpet and are extremely difficult to remove with standard cleaning. To remove these contaminants the hottest temperatures are needed, along with safe cleaning products, and vacuum to lift dirt away.

Understanding the proper cleaning methods takes years of training and Chester's Custom Cleaning has the knowledge and expertise to get optimum results.

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