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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout cleaning is very popular nowadays, because many households have tile flooring. Our proven process will have your tile and grout looking like new.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Cape Cod, MA

How To Clean Tile & Grout Incorrectly

Grout is very porous and it will absorb a great amount of dirty water, especially if it wasn’t properly sealed. Some households will have their grout “colored”, which doesn’t solve the problem, but, just covers it up. Proper cleaning of tile and grout requires very hot water along with products specifically designed to loosen up grime, grease, and soap.

How To Clean Tile & Grout Correctly

Chester’s Custom Cleaning has the proper techniques and tools to achieve the optimum cleaning results of tile and grout. An alkaline product is sprayed and worked into the grout areas with a brush to loosen up the grime. Next, we use a tool that spins and power washes (1200 psi) with extremely hot water and at the same time the tool vacuums up the water and residue leaving the area virtually dry.

In some cases this process will be sufficient in obtaining ideal results, however, if the grout lines have not been sealed properly or if there is residue that has deeply penetrated the pores of the grout, then a 2nd process will have to applied.

The 2nd process is a product that is a low ph (acid based), and it is sprayed on the grout and “worked in” with a hard bristle brush and then rinsed out the same way the first process is done. You can think of it as: “when you apply hydrogen peroxide to a cut”….it will bubble up and kill all the germs and dirt.

Same thing with the grout. The acid will penetrate through the pores and bubble everything to the surface, which is then rinsed and vacuumed up.

This process will have your tile and grout looking like new. Once it dries, it is highly recommended to seal the grout areas to prevent any future water penetration and dirt build-up.

Paul Chester, Owner
Paul Chester

Why work with a Professional?

Carpets and fabrics become soiled through everyday environmental causes, such as dust, smoke, moisture, and anything brought in from the outdoors. These soils and contaminants become embedded in the carpet and are extremely difficult to remove with standard cleaning. To remove these contaminants the hottest temperatures are needed, along with safe cleaning products, and vacuum to lift dirt away.

Understanding the proper cleaning methods takes years of training and Chester's Custom Cleaning has the knowledge and expertise to get optimum results.

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