Industrial upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is only for the very experienced and knowledgeable professional. Some fibers will “bleed” very easily if they get wet, and only an experienced upholstery cleaner can determine what method to use to safely clean your furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning in Cape Cod, MA

Why Should I Clean My Upholstery?

Spots on upholstery usually consist of food and drink spills as well as grease and oils from your skin and/or clothing. Also, upholstery collects dust and allergens just like carpeting does, so it is important to have furniture cleaned on a regular basis.

Experience You Can Count On

Chester’s Custom Cleaning is experienced in handling all types of fabric. On delicate fibers, we will vacuum the material and then use an encapsulating cleaning method that cleans thoroughly and dries quickly. This is followed by brushing the material with a horse hair brush to get all the fibers going in the same direction. For more durable materials, which pertains to the majority of furniture, a pre-spray will be used that will break down the oils and soil in the fabric, next, a “spotter” is applied to treat stubborn areas, and then it is followed by hot water extraction process that contains a fabric softener so your furniture will look and feel like new. Customers are amazed at how great their furniture looks and how soft it feels to the touch.

Fabric Protection

We also offer, and recommend having fabric protection applied to the furniture so it will resist re-soiling, and future spills will clean up easier.

Upholstery cleaning is one of my favorite aspects of cleaning, I take pride in my work, and I take it personal!

Paul Chester, Owner
Paul Chester

Why work with a Professional?

Carpets and fabrics become soiled through everyday environmental causes, such as dust, smoke, moisture, and anything brought in from the outdoors. These soils and contaminants become embedded in the carpet and are extremely difficult to remove with standard cleaning. To remove these contaminants the hottest temperatures are needed, along with safe cleaning products, and vacuum to lift dirt away.

Understanding the proper cleaning methods takes years of training and Chester's Custom Cleaning has the knowledge and expertise to get optimum results.

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